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I want to help you DIY Another Day!

You don’t need to be a super spy to earn my thanks for helping me serve up projects that are shaken, not stirred for one more day. I never forget that it was viewers and enthusiasts like you that helped turn a hobby into a full-time business. Long ago, I made the shady decision to pay anyone that does work for me in money, rather than exposure. It must have been the paint fumes. But now what’s done is done, and besides, there’s always Youtube ad revenue …oh, wait… more on that later.

Here some ways you can help us bring you even bigger builds or DIY trying:

Become a Patron

Patreon is a community where fans can support their favorite creators and enjoy a variety of rewards from exclusive behind-the-scenes content and early release videos to patron-only livestreams, chat and other goodies.

“What are you really going to do with my hard-earned cash? Buy a pony?!”

Tempting… but the first thing I’m gonna do is pay to have that sass washed off you, and then:

  • Creative Freedom – Today, ad revenue rules change more times than there are explosions in a Michael Bay movie so you never know what happens in all that smoke. Supporting Wonder Spawn on Patreon means we can set the rules for the better …for everyone – with shows and builds you want to see.
  • Support Staff – Having an extra hand with editing means I can run the cameras longer to bring you even more content – from experiments, shop hacks and tutorials to more in-depth builds with practical take-aways you can apply to your situation.
  • Badder Builds – Blades dull and sandpaper wears out over time. This, coupled with material and tool costs limits the size and scope of our builds. With your support we can dust some really cool ideas off the shelf and make them a reality.
  • Production Gear – Like old tools that still get the job done, some of the original cameras we used to shoot our very first videos are still in the arsenal. But we love technology and believe it has the ability to connect us on a deeper level. That’s why we’ve invested in a 360 camera to put you directly into the action! Your help allows us to make the necessary upgrades to keep live-streams running smoothly, footage sharp, and conversations flowing.
“What do I get out of it?”

First, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for reading this far. Starting at just $1 per month, you not only get my sincere thanks but an exclusive look at what happens behind the scenes – from planning and testing to parts prep you don’t see on camera. Rewards then go up from there and you’ll also find us to be quite open to your suggestions for introducing new rewards that matter to you.

Plus, you’re not just supporting me, but the families of those that work with Wonder Spawn while being part of a community that encourages others to explore their skills and the confidence to try something new.

Get Rich or DIY Tryin'
$ 1/month
Join me behind-the-scenes with build photos, personal videos, and shop life moments not posted anywhere else but Patreon (and Lens)!
DIY Another Day
$ 3/month
All $1 Tier Rewards, plus:
Watch my monthly bonus vids ONE WEEK before anyone else where I divulge the skills I learned from builds ...like when the bad guy reveals their evil plan to the hero prematurely.
Chat directly with me and other patrons about builds, life, goals ...or how to make our own sharks with lasers.
I go to your questions first for a greater chance they get featured in uploaded and live follow-up Q&As.
Cast your vote in our monthly polls for the project/topic you want to see the most! Not thrilled with this month's options? Suggest your own for consideration in a future poll!
DIY Hard
$ 5/month
All $1 & $3 Tier Rewards, plus:
Join me live in the shop where you become part of the trial and planning process. Chat with me in real-time while I break ...err... work on a project for a future video with measuring once, cutting twice moments that only you get to see live.
Let everyone know to stand back because some DI-Why? is about to happen with this magnet only available to DIY Hard patrons!
Want to replicate what we build but don't want to keep having to pause the video at every step? We make detailed step-by-step tutorials accompanied by photos and all the items you'll need on an Amazon Wishlist.
“I’d love to help but money’s tight right now…”

No problem – really! There are other ways you could help:

  • Give us your eyeballs – Well, not literally. Just by watching our videos, stream and participating in the chat lets us (and others) know you’re interested in our content.
  • Share our social media posts – Reaching more people helps us grow.
  • Amazon affiliate – We frequently provide shopping lists for our projects with affiliate links. Buying ANYTHING on Amazon from those links gives us a small commission without costing you ANYTHING EXTRA.

So, what do you say? Thanks so much for hanging out. Every little bit helps, and your kindness will be rewarded with some pretty awesome perks!