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Homemade Sandblasting Cabinet

Sandblasting outside makes a huge mess but I also don’t have room for a permanent media blasting cabinet in the garage, especially since I don’t use it that often. If space and money are precious commodities in your shop, this DIY homemade sandblasting cabinet uses common household items and when you’re done blasting or glass […]

Run Christmas Lights on Your Car

Do you want to decorate your car with holiday lights? Maybe you have a community parade or just want to get Santa’s attention as he flies over your neighborhood. Hopefully he’ll be so impressed you’ll get everything on your Christmas list! I’ll show you how to run and attach Christmas lights on your car and […]

Die Hard Christmas Ornament

Merry-ki-yay! Sure, there’s lots of memorable holiday movies to choose from like “A Christmas Story”, “Christmas Vacation”, or even another of my favorites, “Scrooged”, but none can hold a candle …or Zippo lighter to the greatest Christmas movie of all time: Die Hard! Pour yourself some egg nog and pull up a chair as we […]

Zombie Head Drink Fountain

Need a gruesome centerpiece for your Halloween festivities? Join our 360 live stream with Rachel De Barros and chat your way through each step so you can build your own just in time for your Halloween party!

Rainbow Fire Jack-O-Lantern

Time to go high-octane with your pumpkin carving this Halloween by adding fire! But we’re not talking about those lame little votives… Grab a few household items to create amazing color fire effects that will leave the headless horseman jealous at your doorstep!

How to Plasti Dip Your Car

Have you ever thought about Plasti Dipping your car but didn’t know where to start or how to Plasti Dip a whole car in one shot? We did it and Scott and I are breaking down every step – cleaning, masking, spraying, breakdown and care!