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November 5, 2007: Google Unveils Android OS

Brock Lee
Today in 2007, a consortium of technology companies led by Google was formed, calling themselves the Open Handset Alliance. Google also unveiled their Android mobile operating system. The goal of Android was to develop “the first truly open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices.” It is this open-source nature that is often cited as a […]

September 1, 1974: Blackbird Sets Speed Record

Brock Lee
Today in 1974, the Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird” aircraft set the “speed over a recognized course” record, flying from New York to London (3,461.5 miles) in 1 hour 54 minutes 56.4 seconds (a record it still holds as of this writing). It was flown by U.S. Air Force pilot James V. Sullivan and Reconnaissance Systems Officer […]

August 28, 1993: First Known Asteroid Moon Discovered

Brock Lee
Today in 1993, the first asteroid moon was discovered from pictures taken by the unmanned spacecraft Galileo while en route to Jupiter. The moon was discovered orbiting the 243 Ida asteroid. Ida (discovered in 1884) was named after a nymph from Greek mythology, Idaea, which also inspired the name of Mount Ida. Fittingly, the moon […]