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November 23, 1963: Doctor… Who?

Brock Lee
Today in 1963, the BBC aired the first part of An Unearthly Child, the first Doctor Who serial. It starred William Hartnell as the First Doctor. Although initial reception was mixed, it didn’t stop Doctor Who from becoming the longest-running science-fiction television series in history. It originally ran from 1963-1989 and was picked up again […]

November 22, 1995: Toy Story Surprises Everyone

Brock Lee
Today in 1995, Disney and Pixar’s first collaboration, Toy Story, was released. The film was a massive critical and commercial success, much to the surprise of those involved with its production, including Steve Jobs. The film went through several massive rewrites, most notably is the fact that Woody was originally a tyrannical, villainous ventriloquist dummy. […]

November 20, 1985: Microsoft Launches Windows 1.0

Brock Lee
Today in 1985, Microsoft released the first version of their Windows operating system, Windows 1.0. Founder Bill Gates was inspired to create a graphical user interface after seeing a demonstration of VisiCorp’s Visi On GUI. Initial reactions were lukewarm, but many saw the potential of Windows to become what it is today. In November 1987, […]

November 19, 2006: Nintendo Launches The Wii

Brock Lee
Today in 2006, Nintendo officially released their Wii gaming console. Meant to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s X-Box 360, the Wii eventually went on to surpass both and become the clear-cut winner of the seventh-generation console war. The Wii aimed to appeal to a wider demographic of consumers than just gamers. Advertisements and […]

November 16, 1904: The Vacuum Tube Is Patented

Brock Lee
Today in 1904, English engineer John Ambrose Fleming received a patent for his thermionic valve invention. More commonly known as a vacuum tube, the thermionic valve operates by using thermionic emission (the creation of electrons through heat) within a high vacuum. The invention of the thermionic valve is generally seen as the beginning of the […]