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Whether you’ve got a classic 65 Mustang, or a 2005 Chevy Impala, surface rust is not something to just shrug off. Left untreated, it can continue to eat away at the metal and eventually eat all the way through it. The quicker you attack it and get rid of it, the easier it will be […]
All the hottest custom cars are flaunting these edgy yet alluring angel eyes and they continue to take the industry by storm. Whether you’re strapped for cash or can’t find a pair to fit your specific application, this video is an informative guide for making your own. Below are a few additional pointers for getting […]
Although many people do it, it’s never been okay to dispose of hazardous waste by dumping it in the gutter or on the ground. Get caught doing it by the wrong people (as in police officers or health officials) and you’re in for a very nasty and costly surprise. The penalty can range in places […]
The last thing on your mind after a long and exhausting install or repair is tool care. In an effort to salvage whatever time is left of the day, you quickly gather your dirty tools and toss them into the toolbox or hang them back up on your wall rack. Tools can last a lifetime […]
Who needs a size chart? The bigger the pipe the more the powaaahhh, right? Well, up to a certain point. So if you’re getting ready to install a new system that’s as wide as a Brontosaurus’ tail, you may want to hold up a sec. The best size for your application depends on both engine […]
Like most car enthusiasts, you’ll want to add some modern comforts to your classic or muscle car – and that means an alternator upgrade to power them all. In the early days, there wasn’t much need for high-amp alternators because the only accessory they really had to deal with was an additional pair of speakers […]
As we become a lot more conscious of the ingredients in household products many of us are looking for more ways to keep toxins out of our lives. You can find a variety of recipes for homemade cleaning solutions online and while some are more effective than others they’re easy to whip up and frequently […]
Boost is a precious commodity and you don’t want to lose any of that horsepower-generating pressurized air to leaks in the system. Even if you’re fairly confident that you’re pretty air tight, it’s still a good idea to double check before getting a tune. With a few parts you may have lying around the garage, […]
Visit any automotive forum and you can’t help but stumble upon a long running debate on which direct to metal product is better, etch primer or epoxy primer. You will hear all kinds of technical facts, personal experiences as well as flat out unsubstantiated opinion. Then throw in the thousands of products available for the […]