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Lock a Door with a Dinner Fork

This hack will have you channeling your inner MacGyver because you never know when you’ll find yourself having dinner alone in a seedy motel while hiding out from “the bad guys”, and then suddenly having to improvise a lock for the bathroom door to hold them off while you escape out the window! In real […]

Hack Your Mechanical Pencil into a Soldering Pen

Soldering automotive or household wires is one of the first tasks you learn to do with your soldering gun. But working on a delicate circuit board takes a greater degree of finesse with your hands. This is an ability some of us struggle with as we get older and for others, well, being born with […]

Build a Pegboard Flipbook to Maximize Tool Storage

If one pegboard simply isn’t enough to hang your tools, this flipboard system just might give you the space you need. It uses multiple pegboards attached to the wall with hinges so you can flip through your tools just like pages in a book. Instructables user NEIN shows us how to make a simple flipboard […]